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By air: Tartu is situated in Southern Estonia and is directly accessible by plane via Helsinki. Helsinki-Tartu flights are operated by Finnair seven days a week. Flight time is 50 minutes. Tickets for the flights leaving from Tartu Airport can be bought only on the Finnair website and from travel agencies. You can also Travel to Tartu through Tallinn and Riga. Tallinn International Airport is located just outside the city centre, on the road to Tartu. It is comfortable to rent a car, take a bus or Airport Shuttle service. Riga International Airport is connected with Tartu by Lux Express buses. 

By bus: The trip from Tallinn to Tartu takes around 2.5 hours, with buses leaving Tallinn every half an hour or so from 5:40 to 23:59. On the hour, every hour from 7:00 to 20:00 comfortable Lux Express buses depart on the Tartu-Tallinn-Tartu route. You can use power outlets, free WiFi, listen to music or watch movies and enjoy free hot drinks such as tea, coffee and cocoa. All Lux Express buses stop at Tallinn Airport in both directions. Find tickets and times at and

There are also international bus connections with Rīga in Latvia and St Petersburg, Moscow and Pechory in Russia. More information: and other carriers or

By train: Eight times a day you can take a train between Tallinn and Tartu. Fast, comfortable diesel trains take you to your destination in two hours. All trains offer free WiFi. The line to Valga also provides opportunities for connections to Rīga. For more information and schedules see and Another international route is Tallinn-St Petersburg-Moscow, operated by AS GoRail.


Spending the night in Tallinn

If you arrive late in the evening you will have to spend the night in Tallinn. There are different hotels and hostels where you can find accommodation in Tallinn (see:

Please check the schedule of Tallinn public transport here.
You will find the interactive map of Tallinn here.



Nationals of the member states of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) and any third-country national who is a holder of a residence permit of a Schengen state do not need a visa to enter Estonia. If this does not apply to you, please check the website of Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for possible restrictions and visa regulations.


Weather in Tartu

You can check the weather forecast for Tartu before arrival here:



Estonia’s currency is Euro. Please note that in small shops, buses etc. it is advisable to use smaller banknotes than 50 EUR as there may not be enough change for larger bills.

You can pay with VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD and MAESTRO in almost all shops, cafes and restaurants (though not at the bus station or in the buses!). ITIC and ISIC cards will give reduced fare in some buses, as well as several bookshops and some cafes in Tartu (notice the sign on the door!).


Additional information about Tartu


You can find a lot of practical information visiting the following websites.

Tartu tourist information: 
Look up Tartu city map here:


There is a wide selection of accommodation facilities in Tartu from four stars-hotels to B&B and hostels.

Recommended hotels

Organizers of the Tartu Summer School of Semiotics 2019 have made limited preliminary reservations with fixed prices to the following places:

Hektor Hostel

Riia 26, Tartu

A discount of 10% is offered from the prices listed on the homepage upon using the code “Tartu semiotics summer school 2019”. Bookings should be made by emailing

Dorpat Hotel 

Soola 6, Tartu

15 rooms with guaranteed prices upon using the code “Tartu semiotics summer school 2019”:

Single 55.00 Euros per night,

Twin 70.00 Euros per night;

contact and booking:

Rooms will be kept available for booking until August 1.

In addition, there is a wide variety of choice available at the Visit Tartu website.


This event has been supported by the University of Tartu's ASTRA project PER ASPERA (European Union, European Regional Development Fund), Cultural Endowment of Estonia, The Gambling Tax Council, IUT2-44, Base funding to research of national importance, Estonian Semiotics Association.

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