Tartu Summer School of Semiotics is a series of gatherings that brings together representatives of semiotics and related disciplines with the aim to provide an environment to converse about core issues in semiotics that are of disciplinary as well as transdisciplinary relevance. It revives the tradition of Kääriku Summer Schools of Semiotics held by Tartu-Moscow School of Semiotics. As its forerunner, the Tartu Summer School of Semiotics is a gathering that aspires to promote dialogue between scholars and synthesis between approaches.




TSSS 2019: Semiotic dimensions of spaces & literacies


Tartu Summer School of Semiotics 2019 – Semiotic dimensions of spaces & literacies –  took place August 17-19, 2019 in Tartu. The topic of TSSS 2019 was inspired by Juri Lotman’s proposition that the primary semiotic dualism lies in the duplication of the world in language and the duplication of the human in space. The discussion was on perception of space and spatial metalanguages – how models of space facilitate making sense of nature, society and culture as living environments. 

Read the full CFP here.

TSSS 2019 Book of Abstracts





TSSS 2017: Generalising Gently


Tartu Summer School of Semiotics 2017 took place August 15-18 2017 in Tartu. The topic of TSSS 2017 was “Generalising Gently”, which addressed the central and problematic nature of generalisations in semiotic and semiosic processes. 

TSSS 2017 Book of Abstracts

Photos from TSSS 2017 are available here.





TSSS 2015: Semiotic (Un)predictability


Tartu Summer School of Semiotics 2015 took place in Tartu, August 17-20, 2015. The TSSS 2015 was also hosting the IX Conference of Nordic Association for Semiotic Studies and included extended school for BA and MA students interested in the semiotic (un)predictability. The book of abstracts and the program can be downloaded here.




TSSS 2013: Autocommunication in Semiotic Systems


Dedicated to 40th anniversary of the Thesis on the Semiotic Study of Cultures. A five-day event that took place from August 18 to 23, 2013 in a Kääriku Sports and Leisure Centre in South-Estonia. Program can be downloaded from here. Book of abstracts can be downloaded from here.


Palmse manor



TSSS 2011: Semiotic Modelling


A five-day event that took place from August 22 to 26, 2011 at the secluded Palmse manor in North Estonia.

Book of abstracts can be found here.


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